This is my first game jam submission so there are many unpolished parts to the game. I hope you enjoy it anyway.

This is a game about a boy who gets lost in the woods, he must then try to make his way home with the help of a sprite that decides to illuminate his path as he tries to return home. In return the sprite needs elixir to keep itself aglow. He will need to make his way home, but they aren't the only things in the forest…

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This game entered in the Solo competition (45 entries).

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a year ago

Fun game, it is also completable after the light is depleted, as I've jumped randomly in the darkness and reached the end of game screen. Nice graphics for a 2 day entry.

a year ago

I should have added more ambient lighting so that you can at least see a tiny bit more when the light is depleted, and there are a few other bugs, but I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

a year ago

Lacks a bit of polishing as you said (controls and feedback) but otherwise really cool, especially love how the sprite comes back when you die (I died a lot actually xD)

Antti Haavikko
(@anttihaavikko) • a year ago

Couldn't finish it :(

The fairy was annoyingly slow so I kept having to stop for it to catch up to me so I could actually see where I was going. And when the light was too far behind, you didn't get enough time to actually react to incoming enemies (at least with my old man reflexes). I always kept running out of fairy juice at what I'd call a "third floating island section", probably missed some potions on the way or if not, you balanced the timing very strictly. And in the pitch black darkness, random jumping never got me too far.

I feel like the manual picking up of the potions was unnecessary, it could have been automatic as you walked past them. They were also quite hard to notice (at least when the light wasn't right on top of them which was never the cast because it was always lagging way behind) but maybe that was by design.

The fairy moving back from the previous death position back to spawn gave runs weird disadvantage the further you got on your last run. Also there was some weird jittering of the character in the beginning parts quite often. It looked like it might have respawned me back there several times.

Jumping felt a bit strange. I guess you tried to do some gravity manipulation to make it feel better there were some weird inconsistencies. Like sometimes the jumps got that huge amount of forward momentum and sometimes they were floaty and slow. You also had that classic 2D platformer issue where the character collider just keeps hugging the walls and floats in midair.

Anyways, good job and welcome to game jamming scene!

a year ago

Congrats on getting done on time. The music was nice and the bark on the trees looked really good.

a year ago

Thank you for your feedback. I have made the jumping mechanic more consistent as well, as removed the interaction key. It makes the gameplay feel smoother and easier as it no longer intterupts the pace of the game.

If you have any more feedback then I would be happy to take it on board!

a year ago

The music was nice but I couldn't finished it. The enemies are as fast as you are and you see them really at the last time. And some times, when you jump to avoid one enemies or to go to the next plateform, you fall into a new enemy that you can't avoid.
Some things that would make the game better I think, make some differences in graphics to show where you can go or not, like the first tree on the left, or the plateform where sometimes you can walk and sometimes you have to jump to the upper plateform. You could make the enemies a little slower or the light faster to give a little more time to the player ;)

a year ago

Hum, frankly this is a rather unforgiving game. I basically had to learn enemies location and movements, as I did not have the time to react when noticing them as the player sprite is big. The calm music was a pleasant touch; I liked the controls too. Oh and you straigthforwardly addressed the theme, which is always good.

a year ago

Hey! Congrats on your firts Jam! It's my first jam to! I gotta say you did a really nice job. The only thing I really want to point out (apart from the things others commented) its the speed of the enemies, way to fast. Also, may you could have added some kind of checkpoint, having to start from the very beginning made me quit.

Nice Job! I hope to see you in the next Alakajam!

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A short game where you need to help a boy lost in the woods get home.





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