Fragments - a puzzle platformer and memory game.

Use the left and right arrow keys to move, and the Z key to jump.

If you want to see the source, it's on Github here:

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This game entered in the Solo competition (45 entries).

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Caique Assis
(@caiqueassis) • a year ago


A pico-8 game! I want to try my hand at it someday.

Very cute!

a year ago

Well the idea of the game its pretty awesome! I like the graphics and music! And the main mechanic its pretty great and original, however, it was hard for me to understand what parts of the levels I had to memorise, maybe I didn't got it at the begining level, lets see what other reviews say.

Also, I think that the player shouldn't go all the way back to the first level to memorise when they die in the dark levels. Maybe there could be a button that sends you back to them, but only if the player wants to, it's not necesary though, I'm only thinking this because I have bad memory and die in the dark levels xD hahaha

Nice work!

a year ago

The idea is nice but when you have three structures to remember it becomes frustrating. I do remember them, its just hard to know hwere they are in relation to one another now that the layout has changed. I don't know how could you solve that… Maybe the mechanic would work better in somethign that is not a punishing precision platformer.

Everythign else I liked a lot. The pixel pico-8 graphics work well, and the sound is nice and fitting.
Great work!

a year ago

Very nice visuals. The retro feel is really good, even the jumping mechanics apply smoothly to that. I totally missed up my first few jumps because I expected something "more modern" but after I got used to it, it really felt good. Great work on that.
Music/sfx is also great and fits the style perfectly.

However I did not quite get the respawn mechanic. Some times I respawn directly in the level I died, sometimes I respawn some levels earlier and one time I did not respawn at all and had to reload the page.

If you could reveal a little bit more of information to players and add some more interesting tiles or enemies, I would definitely love to play the game again!

a year ago

An inventive platforming challenge. Memorization is usually something I riff against, but this time it is the whole point so I can respect it for once.

A few gripes. Having to replay all the standard levels when failing a memory level is annoying. I already remember (more or less) where the invisible tiles are, I simply missed a jump. Maybe going back to the last level, or having a separate reset button as suggested by @RodMolina.

Another issue is at times not having enough reference (background) tiles in the memorization levels to use for calculating where the invisible tiles are (4 tiles from the right, etc.)

Audio visuals are adequate, not groundbreaking or anything.

Ok job in all.

Overall: 6 (Above average)
Graphics: 5 (Average)
Audio: 6 (Above average)
Gameplay: 6 (Above average)
Originality: 7 (Good)
Theme: 8 (Great)

a year ago

This would be nice if the dark levels actually matched the geometry of the light levels, but I'm 90% certain that they differ quite significantly. Still, it's a really good idea and definitely an interesting interpretation of the theme. Nice tunes and cute art help make it a memorable entry

a year ago

This is the highest rated game to me so far. But Level 3 was too hard to me that I had to cheat it (by attaching a plastic wrap on monitor and mark the places). Wish there's a way to cut the replay cycle when you fail. Excellent music. Great job.

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A platformer and memory game. Remember the pieces of the dark levels while they're still visible.

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