In this game puzzle game elements are divide in three groups, Red, Green, and Blue. You can only see and interact with one group at time. There are 3 puzzle areas each with diffrent mechanics.

Added the sound last minute so its not the best press M to mute the background music.

Other then that the game came out pretty good, whish I could of had a liitle more time to add puzzles using all the mechanics combined and added some varity to the environment but overall I'm happy with how it turned out.

WASD to Move
Left Shift To Run
123 to Switch Color
LMB to Interact
M to Mute Music

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This game entered in the Solo competition (45 entries).


A puzzle game where you can only interact and see 1 of 3 groups of objects at at time


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a year ago

Cool concept, I liked the simple rewarding mechanics of switching colors yourself. Hit a bug halfway through where I fell off a platform but was still forced to move on the x axis as if I was still on it, locking me in platforming purgatory, other than that I had a good time

Anonymous • a year ago

Sorry man, I couldn't really understand how to play it…

I don't know if it was working as intended or what. At the beginning, there was this red thingy that run away when I got close, and a green bridge. In the second room, there was another bridge with some gaps, but I couldn't run to jump it and couldn't figure out what to do, or how to interact with the other colors too.

The camera movement gave me some motion sickness too…so I'm sorry I can't review your game because I couldn't really play it.

a year ago

Added a Controls section to the discription. Sorry about the motion sickness I should have added a toogle for the motion blur.

a year ago

Nice looking game, interesting concept. I couldn't manage to get past the second bridge with the gap between the colors, though.

a year ago

@mcduke For some reason run was disable uploaed a fnew version should make that part easier to do

a year ago

@justinMaynard Thanks for the quick fix, I gave it another shot and this time actually passed the bridge! Also solved the cube-stacking puzzle, which was quite nice. Although maybe a shortcut out of that area after it is finished would be less frustrating than having to use cubes to exit again. I did run into a bug in the moving platforms area, the same as described by @squirtzMD.
I updated my scores, too. Nice work!

a year ago

I found a hard room that couldn't pass through, in the right path after the crossroads. A large room with all the three platforms moving at the same time. It seemed that it was an impossible jump between green and red, maybe desynchronized? Also found the bug that pointed out @squirtzMD, I somehow fixed it by turning the lever off XD.
Cool concept.
Maybe consider changing colors with the mouse wheel too?

a year ago

Interesting concept, and nice looking. but game seems a little laggy, and I fell out of level in part with moving platforms, but still nice entry !

a year ago

Nice Idea. I like the color switching thing. Performance was not that good on my laptop, but the graphics looked really adorable. I did like the music though. Some more content would have been nice, but I know: Time, Time …

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