Welcome to the PRP shooting range, here you have 120 bullets to kill as many targets as you can.

Take your time, aim and focus on getting those headshots!

The PRP is not responsible if you hurt yourself or others while in the PRP Shooting Range.

Made Using:

  • Unity as game engine
  • Blender for modelling
  • Inkscape and Paint.NET for textures and sprites
  • LMMS and Audacity for sound effects and music

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This game entered in the Solo competition (45 entries).

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Caique Assis
(@caiqueassis) • a year ago

I knew there was something shady with the whole PRP thing…

So I can't really say I didn't see that coming because I did? But not THAT exactly!

Nice work xD

a year ago

this played like it could definitely be turned into something pretty neat! i don't really understand how it fit with the theme though.

a year ago

Hahaha, okay, first off the camera bobbing up and down when I walk was somewhat jarring at first, and I would like to get more feedback from shooting the people (small explosion, bigger noise, or something). Criticism aside, this was a pretty subtle but hilarious use of the theme, so nice work.

a year ago

I liked how the menu is interactive part of the game. Gameplay is simplistic but works. I think that you were going for 'You didn't swee that twist coming, huh?" as it turns out you were shooting people?

(@OatMealPal) • a year ago

That ending was fantastic. It's a little short, but that's fine. Nice work. :)

a year ago

It feels like a single shot at a time style weapon would be better for accuracy, because I kept on using more shots than i intended. Personally like to play FPS with a controller instead of a mouse, so that made it less fun for me personally. Also an FPS without something shooting at you or something loses a bit of the fun. I think maybe a limited time combined with limited ammo would work better. Liked the low poly art style.

a year ago

You got me.

a year ago

A simple game with a funny and unexpected ending.

a year ago

You can add platform "Windows" and "Linux" to your entry to make it easier to find for people.

a year ago

Cool game! Very simple and effective. I do not see the tie with the theme almost at all, tho.

I like the music a lot. And the gameplay is not innovative, but is something that works and feels nice. Some more feedback on hit would be better tho.

Nice work!

a year ago

The Linux build didn't have the Unity settings dialog turned on. For some reason the program kept opening up on my second monitor. Slightly annoying, that's all.

Everything works ok, it's a simple shooting range after all. The "physical" menu is a neat touch.

The graphics are rather poor, audio fairs slightly better. The gun should be rendered on a separate camera to make sure that it doesn't clip through walls.

Here's the major negative: the twist doesn't work.

For starters, those targets look like cardboard cutouts, not people (they are very thin!) If it was established before hand that in this universe people do look sort of like that then I'd buy it. For instance there could be someone behind a bullet-proof window handing out ammo for the assignment. Of course the targets should be futher away if that was the case.

Secondly, you get the same ending even when wasting all the ammo shooting at the ceiling. That's not cool. If I saw through the trick, surely I should be rewarded? Doesn't quite work thematically, that is.

It is functional, I'll give you that.

Overall: 4 (Below average)
Graphics: 4 (Below average)
Audio: 4 (Below average)
Gameplay: 4 (Below average)
Theme: 3 (Bad)
Originality: 3 (Bad)

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