Shadows Casted

Unfinished. In its current state, it's a single-level tech demo for tile-based shadow casting. But it has music, so there's that.

Control the player with the arrow keys. Press escape or q to quit.

Tools used:

  • Aseprite (for creating sprited and tiles)
  • Tiled (for creating levels (well, one) based on the tiles)
  • BoscaCeoil (for creating the background music)

Frameworks / Libraries used:

  • Love2D
  • Bump (for collision detection)
  • Push (for virtual screen size management)
  • Simple Tiled Implementation (for loading Tiled maps in Love2D)
  • Hump (for classes in Lua)

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This game entered in the Solo competition (45 entries).

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a year ago

That effect is so damn hypnotizing D:

Caique Assis
(@caiqueassis) • a year ago

Nice effect! Too bad you couldn't finish the game :/
And the song is short, but nice too :)

a year ago

Man, that gave me that feeling you have when you finally get a system in your game working and you just run around your level staring at it, and I didn't even make the system! Haha. This looks like a great system for you to implement in a bigger game, so congrats on getting that done this weekend! I was thinking while moving around, I'd love this type of vision system in a TD shooter of some kind.

a year ago

Thanks for the feedback, guys!
@Dekori yes, that system-is-finally-working experience is always nice :D I was also thinking that this could be expanded into some kind of top-down shooter, maybe with stealth elements. If only there were more than two days in a weekend!

a year ago

The shadow / vision mechanic is pretty interesting, it would be cool to see what game can you make with it.

a year ago

Congrats on the shadow casting system, it works great! I hope you'll get to use it in a future game/jam entry :)

Here's the gameplay I imagine around this:

  1. A bad guy is trying to catch you.
  2. If he's in the shadows, you can't see each other. The bad guy then roams randomly on the map.
  3. As soon as he gets out of shadows he runs towards you, his speed increasing progressively & permanently. He stops running as soon as he's back in the shadows (only difference, his running speed is now higher than before)
  4. The goal is to survive as long as possible and get a high score.

a year ago

@Wan that does sound like the kernel of a fun game, thanks for the input!

a year ago

Very cool tech demo! It seems to be working flawlessly!

Due to the "priority" of the movement keys, causing simultaneous presses to cancel each other out in different ways, movement felt a bit uneven. Perhaps the last movement key pressed should always get precedence, so that you can always change direction in a hurry. Preferably, perhaps diagonal movement should also be possible.

A gameplay idea that could be an inversion of the current demo, could be this:

  • You play a thief who is quite at home in the dark.
  • You have to retrieve an object, and then leave again.
  • Hindering your progress are one or more guards - and the guards are the one producing the light.
  • So, from the movement of the light cones, you have to deduce their route and location, and avoid being seen/hit by the light, while you perform your mission.

Light and shadows roam,
changing with me as I move.
Filled with potential!

Sílvia Cavadas
(@silviacavadas) • a year ago

Feels good to roam around and see the shadows changing :)

a year ago

@Somnium You're totally right about the controls. Even if I'd like to keep the non-diagonal controls, the most-recently-pressed-key-getting-precedence makes a ton of sense. And nice gameplay ideas, this tech would indeed be nicely suited to some form of stealth game à la Thief, Dishonored, etc.

@silviacavadas Thanks!

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Tech demo for tile-based shadow casting