In Vigilance you play as the totalitarian dictator of an orwellian dystopia. Contrary to what some might think, you really CAN see everything. Or can you? Keep your citizens from revolting against you as long as possible using the vast resources and strong arm of your regime.

Thought-Criminals will periodically spawn, and you need to click on them to arrest them before they march on your buildings. Build military buildings to gain Police presence, Airstrikes, and Bioattacks to defend your regime, and build propaganda mills and youth centers to keep your citizens in line.

The game ends when the people are victorious over your despotic state and depose you, probably to start a democracy or something.

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In Vigilance you play as the totalitarian dictator of an orwellian dystopia. Contrary to what some might think, you really CAN see everything. Or can you? Keep your citizens from revolting against you as long as possible!


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a year ago

i love playing the dictator, they shod have more games like this.

played it two times and bombed those thought creminals. it was very fun.
do you have any strategy guide?
can i make somthing inspiered by this?
and will you take my money? or shod i just trow it at the screen?
(hint go for steam then alot of peoples can say "shut up and take my money",with a payment form).

a year ago

Nice multitasking game, i like how you get new building over time so you don't get overwhelmed at the start. Although the intro / tutorial screen is a wall of text and i doubt that many people will read all of that, in my opinion description on Alakajam page is enough to play this game. I like that there is no way to survive for a longer time and you just try to last how long you can. You have to make quick decision what to build because more and more rioters spawn on map. Ah and it's nice that Police building position matters as it takes time police officers to get to rioters.
In overall a decent game with neat mechanics. Graphic are simple but easy to read. Good job!

Caique Assis
(@caiqueassis) • a year ago

Hey man!

I played through it. Like Zeriver said, that wall of text as a tutorial was overwhelming. Also, when I read it, I found the idea to be really damn nice (1984 is one of my favorite books, you see). But playing the game, it wasn't well executed. I ended up just clicking on everyone that appeared because if they were there for too much time, they simply would attack me. And I couldn't really sense any progress was being made, other than randomly clicking stuff some time…

Well, since the game had no audio, I blasted this while playing:

a year ago


Hey thanks! Yeah, I had 45 minutes left and didn't get the chance to do any sort of real tutorial so I frantically typed up all the information I had. I totally understand what you mean about the lackof strategy in practice due to having to just click them all as a fast as possible. What do you think would be a good alternative? I tried to add the false enemies so you have to slow down a little. Maybe it's just the pacing and I need to get it somewhere between the franticness of when you're about to lose and the more general parts where you're way too in control?

a year ago

Yeah I also found the initial wall of text overwhelming, almost zero chance anyone will read the whole thing, probably slightly better would be just to have in game 'Help' button you can click if you are getting confused.
I liked the concept and the general clicker gameplay is fun for a bit. I was personally a it confused that I couldn't build all the buildings. They are marked as having a cost but it was not obvious of what - I couldn't see any money field on screen. Never managed to last more than a couple of minutes, but i guess i was not properly using the buildings.

(@silviacavadas) • a year ago

I thought the game was quite engaging.

I agree with the comments that the wall of text containing the intructions was a bit discouraging and would need better formatting, but still definitely preferable than no proper intructions! I actually read through it :)

I disagree with the idea that there is no strategy and it's just about random clicking, it seems to me that it's more about keeping the balance and preventing too many enemies from appearing. There's a snowball effect for both sides: once the player has a lot of buildings it's much easiar to keep control, and conversely once that balance is destroyed and too many enemies appear, the player has no chance.
Of course timely clicking on the enemies is also a very important component. The fact that there are "fake enemies" is really cool.

I actually managed to survive almost for 10 minutes after a couple of attempts (without even remembering which ones were the fake enemies and without using the fancy weapons - even though I'm not sure how useful those weapons are given their disruptive nature) and feel that with practice I could go even for longer. I don't know how balanced the game is the long run and whether one can find stability or whether one is doomed to lose, but in any case it's quite interesting and makes me feel like playing more and improving!

There are some bugs regarding the enemy placement (I think I saw some enemies being generated inside the walls) and sometimes I felt I clicked in an enemy and nothing happened and I had to click again.

a year ago

Hey! I got really engaged with the game and really believe that if polished it would be extremely awesome! Most issues have been pointed out, maybe at the beggining you could have a clash of clans like tutorial or something. Overall really nice game!

I'm not sure if it fits the theme, even tho, nice job!

a year ago

Nice game! The gameplay works nice and the graphics are also cute. Sound could have added a lot of mood, but I know, doing sound in a solo team is hard. ;)
I did not get how the game is related to the theme.

Biggest complain is that the startpage is very crwoded, which makes it super hard to find the relevant details. I could imagine that splitting that information on multiple pages (like a short tutorial/slideshow) could help players find the information they need easier. Or display some sort of tool tips or overlay message in game as an interactive tutorial.

a year ago

There seems to be one Orwellian title in nearly every jam. That's ok though, it's a fine setting ripe for interesting interactions.

Reading through the intro/help text painted a rather intriguing picture of a totalitarian society simulation. Unfortunately in the end it mostly boils down to frantic clicking. I would have preferred the police officers to act completely independently so that I could concentrate on looking at the current state of the… state and using the less spammy actions (buildings, propaganda, airstrikes, bioweapon) when needed.

That change could be enough already. I'd additionally try to throw in loads of civilians. The police officers need to keep checking individuals, so the bigger the population the less effective the police force becomes. Airstrikes and bioweapons are a form of population control (not just for crushing rebels) with a heavy patriotism cost of course.

One big bug: I built all of the "Youth centers" in the corners and as a result most of the rebellious youth spawned outside of the map.

One GUI improvement: The red labels (Treason, Ignorance, etc.) aren't needed, they simply take up space. On the other hand, if you do wish to keep them then the bar should be colored blue/red. When at 20% Patriotism the bar should be 20% blue and 80% red.

Design and polish needed, the effort is there!

Overall: 4 (Below average)
Graphics: 3 (Bad)
Gameplay: 5 (Average)
Originality: 7 (Good)
Theme: 2 (Terrible)

PS. Oh, nearly forgot. Seeing everything is the opposite of the theme. 2 stars for the audacity.

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