PVP Sokoban

Move crates quicker than your opponent - or sabotage their efforts.

Only follows the limitation "Geometron: Lines and shapes only: no images". Linux and Mac versions are untested.

Player 1: WASD
Player 2: Arrow keys
To start the game, each player has to keep a key pressed
Mute sound: N
Mute music: M



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 • 6 days ago • 

I'm a big fan of wireframe and vector graphics, this looks very cool. I appreciated the camera movement, it adds some excitement without being obnoxious.

My son played this with me and immediately defaulted to trying to harass me instead of scoring many points for himself. I liked how the design accounted for interactions between players and the possibility of becoming boxed in, and what happens when two players try to move the same box etc.

Brave to submit a multiplayer only game to a jam. I salute your sacrifice. You may not get as much feedback from the people unable to play, but I got to enjoy some time battling my son for boxpoints, so it all works out. I imagine quite a lot of novel puzzles could be made if you decided to incorporate cooperative aspects, might be a fun addition between bouts of competitive sokobanning.

Great entry!

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