Arkanoid variant with portals and rotating levels

This is an Arkanoid variant where you control two portals on each side of the screen. There are special bricks that give you the option to add another level and more bricks to destroy to increase your score.

Left portal up | W | Left analogue stick up
Left portal down | S | Left analogue stick down
Right portal up | arrow up | Right analogue stick up
Right portal down | arrow down | Right analogue stick down
Shoot Ball | space | Right shoulder button

Made using Godot engine.



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 • 8 months ago • 

The combination of a block breaker with portals is pretty awesome, and the level within level aspect is great too. It was a bit stressful to handle both paddles as the ball is pretty fast, so I wasn't very strategic in my playthrough. In my first try I got 47 points and it wasn't totally clear to me how I actually earned them. Nice visuals and the music is a plus!

  • 8 months ago • 

@ratrogue Thanks a lot for your feedback!

I'm happy that you found it stressful, that's what we were going for :)
Phil's initial take was something like: "You should feel the urge to go for the next level even though you are barely able to handle the current one, like a gambling addict"

You do get a little breather after activating the next level and I often use that to wait for a advantageous brick alignments which might clear out a lot of the level.

The score when win, i.e. when you destroy every single destructable brick is calculated like this:
number of destroyed bricks + levels²
When you lose, the score is simply the number of bricks you've destroyed.
I'm painfully aware that I should have communicated that clearly to the player, but I didn't manage to do that in time.

A score of 47 on your first try is quite solid!
It took me about an hour to get my 167 win score (but in my defense I was quite tired).

 • 8 months ago • 

This is a cool concept! I don't have cursor keys so it was a bit of a challenge to control the Right portal, but that's hardly the game's fault.

Letting the player choose when to add the extra levels makes it too easy to just slowly clear the existing level(s) first. Maybe with a time limit this might work better?

The visual style was cool and worked well with the game. While it was nice to have some music, I didn't feel like it really fit the aesthetic.

I plan to come back and try again later with a controller. Good entry!

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