Kajam #12 is over!

Kajam #12 is over! 0

ratrogue • 2 years ago 

The 12th Kajam is officially over and I want to thank everybody who took time to create an entry and submitting it. The theme was very dear to me, so overall I'm a bit disappointed by the low turn-out. Nonetheless, please have a look at all the submitted games!

Over the next few days I hopefully get to try the other games and maybe even do a stream about the event.

Kajam 12 extended 0

ratrogue • 2 years ago 

To make sure every entry gets the attention and polish it deserves (and also because I won't have internet this weekend), I moved the Kajam's deadline to the last day of May!

The 12th Kajam is here! (May 2022) 0

ratrogue • 2 years ago 

Hallo! I’m ratrogue, and I have the honor to be your host for the 12th Kajam. For the uninitiated, Kajams are basically relaxed Alakajams; jams within jams, one could say. This time you have a whole month to create your entry, and you are totally free in what tools and assets to use. Unfortunately something came up and I didn’t have time to think of a theme, but thankfully a close friend of mine took over. He is not part of the Alakajam community, at least not directly, so I will just quote him here:

« Hello dear people of Akajalam, I am carcass! You might know me as the creator of SMALLWORLD, but I’m not a ‘real’ game developer. Still, I just love game development. So much that I want this Kayjam to be super meta.

Remember ‘Systemic Shock’ by Through The Looking Glass Games? The game with the evil AI? Stroll around a bit in the creepy corridors, and you will find a game console. And games for it. Yes, you can play a simple version of ‘Winged Commands’ while actually being hunted by cyber mutants! Mind. Is. Blown! In the sequel there’s even an 'Ultimare’-like RPG on your virtual GameHog device.

So there you have it! The theme is…

Wow! A Game Within A Game! Does that mean you’re required to make a complete game, just to embed yet another one? Well, only if you want to! But maybe it can mean something else? For example:

  • Make a game where you experience another game in any form - be it static or animated, be it hidden or obvious, be it interactive or not.
  • We All Love Minigames - hacking, lock-picking, plant-watering, shoe-tieing! Anything can be a minigame!
  • Multiplayer party games!
  • Mod another game to create your game!
  • ???
  • Profit! So many possibilities!

Also, this could be an opportunity for a collaboration of a special kind - maybe you and your partner(s) get to work on different games, inside the same game! Or intertwine your games! Who knows what can happen! I for sure don't know. I'm excited to see what you make, be it inside a computer or outside!

Good luck! »

Well, that’s it from carcass. I will read his text as soon as I have some time. I’m sure his theme idea is great. Anyways, don’t forget to make a game from April 29th to May 29th, or any timeframe in between, or outside. Have fun, say no to war, be creative, but don't infringe copyrights!

Good luck!

(The background picture for this event is taken from "Skybox - Kabuki" (2020) by Ludwig Hanisch.)