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I didn't finish this time mostly because I had trouble focusing on this project since I like to expand my jam entries after the jam and this idea didn't seem like something I could, but I got something that was almost the full game. The only issue is that expansion doesn't quite work as it should and the danger score doesn't change anything.


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Although I didn't really have a schedule for this jam (not even a loose one like I normally do for 48 hour jams) I know I'm behind whatever it would have been. Although the game I have planned for this jam doesn't require any sprites, I'm unsure at this point if I'll be able to finish it. I didn't get much done the first day of the jam because I didn't sleep properly before and thus ecided to go to sleep early and set an alarm for early the second day. However the alarm didn't go off so I ended up oversleeping meaning I have only gotten a couple hours of progress on my game. I'll probably end up trying to work on it for the rest of the 22 hours instead of wasting another third of it maintaining a healthy sleep schedule.
While I haven't gotten much done, I can present what I have. The plan is a sort of space colonization thing. You start with one colony and can expand outward from there. Each colony's population will constantly rise increasing the amount of food it needs for sustainability. With population rise, there is also the rise in the chance that a colony will randomly experience a random disaster and lose contact with the rest of the colonies. That's the plan, but all I have at the moment is a single colony with an increasing population and UI to display all relevant values.

The Theme 0

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I had hoped that this theme wouldn't win. The only things I could come up with for it seemed unnoriginal and far out of my scope, but after wasting some time on that idea, I came up with something that I quite like. I was hoping to get most of the systems for it done tonight but seeing as I'm too tired to do the math properly at the moment I've decided its best to do my best to finish the UI and do what I can with the mechanics. Since I doubt I'll have it in a state that I can show here before tomorrow, I'll try to get an early start then in the hopes that I can actually finish this game.

I'm In 1

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Almost forgot to write this post because I didn't want to do it too early before the start of the jam but seeing as there are less than 12 hours 'till the jam starts, now seems like a good time to write it.
This is my second alakajam and maybe fifth jam. I've been learning to better utilize time with each so I hope to make something good this go round. As for tools I'll be using the löve2D framework. Graphics will probably be done in Gimp but if I have time to do anything more than pixel art I'll probably use FireAlpaca.

Clocking Out Early 1

Featherbox 2 years ago

Because I don't believe I'll be awake before submissions are over, I've submitted what I've finished tonight, and while it could be more polished, I quite like the finished product (even if the puzzles are pretty lackluster and drag on too long).

It can be found here.

Mostly Functional 0

Featherbox 2 years ago

Aside from a few issues and adding a start screen and end screen, all that's left to do is add more levels… which'll probably be harder than I'm imagining.

The Wondrous Art of Cartography 1

Featherbox 2 years ago

Didn't get much done in the first day because I spent most of it trying to figure out a line of sight system that I ditched after a few hours of failure. Instead I've gone with this weird system where you can only see the 9 tiles around any space that you've previously been.

Since that didn't make sense as a sight system, the player is now a map maker.

If I have the time I might try to make some nicer tiles, but for now I'm just imitating the symbols used in ASCII roguelikes.

I'm In As Well 0

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I will be using Löve2D and Gimp.

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