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Congratulations! 1st Alakajam 0

Adam • 4 years ago 

Congratulations for the 1st Alakajam, and special thanks to the people whom made sure it goes as planned.

 As most of you know,a game jam is a good way to test both your tools and abilities, whether you go Solo or on a Team,the challenges it presents can't simply exist in your daily game development process, the mood, the competitive nature of the event and the limited period of time pushes you to do your best by being more efficient, avoiding making mistakes and hopefully learning new stuff along the way.

With the end of this event, the rating phase will start in few moments, so you are invited to play and rate other people's game, make sure to provide feedback in a clear way so that the person,team behind that game gets a clear idea on what they should keep on doing and what they may improve in their future jam entry or project.
Have fun, and prepare yourselves for the 2nd Alakajam!

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