Tbohdan 10 months ago on November Challenge 2018 entry Jim is Moving Out!

Im working on it for more than year. But im really not sure if i will manage to pull it out on time. Game should be ready 23th november. But then it all depends on nintendo and their internal check (yeah game will be released on Nintendo Switch). So im not sure if i will make it :( But its scheduled! But there is high probability Steam version will make it for november release

Anyway at least i can show you some footage and screenshots… if I will not make it, i will pull out game from challenge.


some aplha footage:

btw game came out from Ludum Dare (in which it won gold medal for theme). Jam version is still available for free. check entry for links :)

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10 months ago

Hey congrats on your almost-finished year long project! The game looks fun, nice job on the art in particular. Good luck with those final weeks.

Btw don't worry if the game is not exactly out in time, the rules are not strict - it's mostly an incentive to push people to release something :)

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