larzdk a year ago on 3rd Alakajam!

Will I manage to complete a game in a personal best time of 2 days? Stay tuned to find out.

Things completed so far:

  • 4 original music tracks (11 minutes total)
  • 7 sound effects
  • 60 "non-placeholder" graphic assets - I'm well on track to have more graphic assets in this than in both of my previous solo jams combined
  • New rendering features in the engine, like the decals required to render roads
  • New terrain generation features especially for urban environments


  • Finish UI implementation (started, pretty close)
  • Student AI (started, not as close)
  • More graphic assets (!) - yes, there will need to be more
  • Writing & scripting events - not started
  • I also have 1 more music track (the title track) and a bunch of sound effects still in production

Wish me luck!

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