toasty a year ago

I'm in (somewhat obviously)!

I'd like to make something top-down and tinker with some adversarial AI. I've been hacking around with OpenGL quite a lot in recent weeks, and would love to turn my delicious spaghetti codebase into a game for this jam. Time might be a little tight as it's very rough and incomplete, so if that fails, my back-up plan is to use Old Faithful and whip something up in JS.

Would also be nice to turn my abysmal 1/3 attendance record into a pitiful 2/4. We'll see!

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a year ago

yay! :D Top down you mean real time or turn-based?

Phaser is great!


a year ago

Thanks! I'm thinking real-time but perhaps on a simple grid. Hopefully that will give me time to really focus on the AI :)

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