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Laguna • 3 years ago on 2nd Alakajam! 

So, time is running!

I hope, everyone is doing great on their games!
Our project makes great progress. :)
The most obvious thning are probably the graphics. And then there is a whole set of gameplay mechanics which have been implemented:
Players can throw mines now, a level is loaded, collisions, a win/loose condition, a sudden death mode once the timer is over, …

The level is actually just a 32x24 image with the r,g and b values encoding different types of tile types, like which player spawns where, if it is a normal, wall or breakable tile and so on. Implementing this is super easy and creating levels is really fun then. So I hope I can push out some more levels quickly at the end of the jam.

I hope I get some of the larger issues (win screen with some statistics, nice join screen, some player traces) out of the way tonight, as tomorrow will be quite packed with "non-jam" stuff (so to say an unjammed day ;) ).

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