Hello you, I’m HuvaaKoodia; we might have exchanged words in the past! Didn’t have time for Kajam last time (and probably not this time either unfortunately) due to putting together my plan for this year. In short, I’m going independent (Exciting times!) making multiple 2 month solo project from scratch. Mostly for fun, maybe for profit?

Here's the devlog at TigSource for the first project.

Just so that this doesn’t become all about self promotion, I’d be interested in hearing your opinions on interactive digital media. I’ve tried to explain it here the best I can, yet the only way to see if it sticks is to throw it at people. Written from a developer angle, keep that in mind.


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a year ago

Congrats for launching your project of going indie! Going for medium-size prototypes sounds like a good way to proceed.

With a couple friends we've done something similar for a while, except the format was more prototypes in a week-end, not unlike Alakajam. The hardest part was to actually switch to another project rather than pick up the previous one where we left it! Actually switching projects feels important though, as it helps get more perspective on the previous games ie. figure out which ones are actually worth continuing.

You should set up a Twitter account on top of your devlog so we can keep track of your progress!

a year ago


I'll keep your advice in mind when the first project wraps up. I do have a solid schedule, so hopefully I can get everything done in time and have a clean transition to the next project.

I do in fact have a Twitter account. I'd simply failed to link to it before. Oh me…
Will mostly only announce things on Twitter though. Didn't really get into the sharing random thoughts business.

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