Alchemighetti - My 48 hour submission for Alakajam | Feedback apreciated :D 0

Sniperninja564 • 3 years ago on 1st Alakajam! entry  Alchemighetti

This was my very first game made in under 48 hours, one nice thing about making this game was that my scope was much smaller this time meaning I had a lot more fun making this. Originally I was plannning to submit this to unranked since I prefer 72 hours over 48. But because I ended up finishing so early, I was able to submit this for ranked! Anyway, here is the game I made:

Alchemighetti is a "Hot Potato" style game where you need to juggle a ton of potions around. Match the different potion types to make a larger potion. Once your potion is big enough, you can create a "Super'Splosion to gain tons of points. This also allows you to get some "SuperBonus" points. Once you have 4 SuperBonus points, the SuperBonus begins. For a short amount of time, potions are worth huge amounts of points and getting a Super'Splosion during this time will get H U G E amounts of points! Try and get the highest score possible!

Check it out here: Feedback apreciated :D

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