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Subatiq • 4 years ago on 8th Alakajam! entry  Beauty and the Deep

My first game jam and my third finished game. I think the results are not bad. I didn't think I'd manage to do it so fast. Thanks, everyone in this community for the opportunity to have so much fun!

It was interesting to work on a project using a different environment. For sprites, I used Procreate 5 and AirDropped it right into Unity, which is super helpful. Small edits and tweaks, simple new sprites, etc. were ready in seconds.

The hardest part was understanding the scope. I think that the initial plan was perfect. Almost all of the features that are in the game were planned at the start. But estimating how long each element will take and how much time left overall is painful. The time management and planning is massive for this kind of rushes. But I think now I feel more confident about that.

To create sounds, I used only my voice, bass, and rhythm guitars. Post-processed everything in Adobe Audition (7-day trial version) to make it sound like underwater.

I really wanted to make music but didn't have time for this delighter. If you'd like to play my game, I recommend listening to some chill hop on the background.

Now it's time to sleep and play some of your games tomorrow. I wish everyone luck!

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