Terra Tower - Day... 0.5? 0

innomin • 4 years ago on Climate Change Jam 

Well I promised daily updates, but I'll keep this one short because I didn't start my jam today. Last week was very busy, and I kind of crashed hard today because of it. I decided to take the day to just relax and play video games, to recover my energy before this seven day marathon kicks off. But I can only procrastinate so long, so I'll be starting tomorrow morning for sure!

I also looked into imagemagick and ffmpeg today, to get a decent lightweight mp4 to gif converter set up. The command line interface is easier for me, and it's just one line to get from a recorded OBS mp4 file to a trimmed, resized gif:

ffmpeg -i source.mp4 -r 15 -vf scale=360:-1 -loop 0 -ss 00:00:03.5 -to 00:00:30 output.gif

The options here let you set framerate (15 FPS, regardless of video input framerate), size (360px height with preserved aspect ratio width), and start and end times in seconds. This has been a bottleneck in previous jams for me, so I'm glad I sorted this out ahead of time. It takes about 5 minutes to record and upload a gif now, which means I'll be doing them in every post this week. See you guys tomorrow!

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