Sither - the aftermath 3

89o 6 months ago on Climate Change Jam

Another boring "I'm in" post, yey!

About a month ago, I published a game titled "wither", and it was one of my best games, and it was really hard, and it used 1 color.

For this jam, I'll do something similar to some of my previous games: multiple jams at once. My record is 8.

I decided to make an apocalyptic aftermath to "wither", where you wake up in a burning, rotting world.

PS. I'm so used to writing stuff like "sprite_width" that I first wrote "width" instead of "wither". LMAO.

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 • 6 months ago  • 

Eight jam requirements at once? Now that's impressive! I was looking at this jam yesterday because the themes happened to be perfect, but I think the jam here is my priority right now.

wither looks pretty great, here's an itch link for anyone else interested in checking it out. I appreciate the gameplay video, because I'm pretty busy prepping for this week, but I'll check it out with the sequel when the jam is over. Good luck!

 • 6 months ago  • 

I agree, wither looks awesome. Would love to see its spiritual successor.
If you need any music/sound design, I'm in. But either way, can't wait to see what you come up with!

(@NNNIKKI)  • 6 months ago  • 

Actually, big sorry to everyone who's excited, but I'm dropping off. I think I'm done with games jams for now, I'd rather work on a longer project - a full version of Crystal Ninja.

This is actually my first time dropping off a jam. I'm really tired of all the jams I've done recently.

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