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8th Alakajam! Games (44)

Rating phase in progress
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A depth perspective puzzle game
I.C (Depth Puzzle)
by Mr. Chocolate Salmon
on 8th Alakajam! Solo
Minimal Coding Game
by ratrogue
on 8th Alakajam! Solo
A platformer where you jump from the foreground to the background and vice versa.
Depth Jump
by pikachurian
on 8th Alakajam! Team
Stranded after the year 2038, one left-behind robot tries to make its way back to humanity using only its depth sensor.
Near the Far Plane
by mad-s, smbe19
on 8th Alakajam! Team
Adventure of a brave goldfish going down in the name of love
Beauty and the Deep
by Subatiq
on 8th Alakajam! Solo
Game about finding gems in the depths
Drudge Depth
by Manodrizzle
on 8th Alakajam! Solo
A depth-based puzzle-game
Everyone hates depth!
by Bearsucker
on 8th Alakajam! Solo
Legend be true?
Scubadrone Stardive
by HuvaaKoodia
on 8th Alakajam! Unranked
How deep will you get in the pit?
The Pit
by javucha, PEPEntakill, daviro
on 8th Alakajam! Team
Dig for relics of varying value. Upgrade your pickaxe to dig some more. Proudly display what you've unearthed!
DIG DEEP: Artifactually Incorrect
by dorkulon, Elchao, cloakedninjas, treslapin
on 8th Alakajam! Team
clicker -- can you keep the water level in 'levelwater'?
by remco
on 8th Alakajam! Solo
A parkour game with puzzles.
Depth Parkour
by dyguests
on 8th Alakajam! Solo
by Talia
on 8th Alakajam! Solo
Collect the treasures!
Treasure Diver
by laaph
on 8th Alakajam! Solo
A Spoooooky game we made for Alakajam 8 that didn't quite get off the ground in the way we wanted.
Untitled Horror Game
by TeamSpaghetti
on 8th Alakajam! Unranked
Can you save Atlantis?
The Fall of Atlantis
by Aurel300
on 8th Alakajam! Team
The one you love has been imprisoned in the depths of hell. Battle the underworld demons to save her soul!
by Hekkusu, Annika, shooliagods
on 8th Alakajam! Team
As missiles rain down upon the earth, how long can your underground base last?
Bunker Builder
by Baconinvader, RiverDog, mit-mit
on 8th Alakajam! Team
destroy cores, jump around, and avoid projectiles
by DaFluffyPotato
on 8th Alakajam! Solo
A game about bringing flowers to your loved one.
Anywhere for you
by Odrez
on 8th Alakajam! Solo