Static Cling

The Electric Escape

Play as a rogue spark restrained to electronic devices, running, climbing and stretching through 3 worlds of unique puzzles. Can you free yourself of your electric tethers and escape?


21 Levels of unique puzzle solving!
A variety of mechanics and controllable objects
An original soundtrack
High quality pixel art graphics


Mouse - Aim
Left Click - Extend
WASD - Move
Space - Jump

Comments (3)

 • 14 days ago • 

This is quite amazing and the quality is a quite above the average game jam project! The sound is good, the graphics are good, the controls and movement feel is good (this I find the hardest to get right). I have not yet made it through all the puzzles - it took me a bit to figure out the basics, but then most of the puzzles were easy, at least as far as I've gotten.

The biggest gripe I had was the distribution - I'm not quite sure how I am meant to download the project! I would add the link to the readme, unless there is another way we are meant to download the project.

Exellent work!

 • 13 days ago • 

Very nice and polished game, the different mechanics felt well presented and intuitive. Usually I'm pretty bad at reading puzzles, but the limited routes allowed for by the wire travelling system made it a lot easier for me to figure out what to do, which I appreciate. I also felt the games aesthetic was rather appealing. The only thing I would think to add would be a button to transfer yourself into nearby lightbulbs, since having to click and drag yourself to something extremely close by feels like a little big of a pacebreaker, but that's a veyr minor nitpick.

 • 12 days ago • 

This is great! Love the idea and execution. The graphics and music are good too. Some of the sounds or music had a very strong 'click' or 'fry' kind of sound that I wasn't really a fan of but it does fit the theme of the game.

I found the mouse based control a little bit limiting with the camera movement, mainly when doing a series of jumps and having to adjust mouse position based on screen movement. I'm not great with flick aiming type games though so that may be more of a skill limitation. Some way to control the extending action with arrows or a joystick would be nice so that movement is more relative to player position and less dependant on mouse movement in screen space.

Didn't finish the whole thing but got as far as the fuse field area. Really liked moving between wires and the tiny robots, that was a very fun way to manage access to switches and doors.

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