Heli descent

A fast paced platformer where you can dash everything

Presenting Heli Descent: A fast placed platformer where the main mechanic is dashing. Also, procedurally generated levels!

This is actually the second time I bring this game to Friday Fortnight. The last time was two years ago when I had no idea about what this game would be. A lot of progress was been made and now I have a fully playable pre alpha.

Currently, only 3 of 12 levels are done. There are tutorial levels between but these don't count.

I Had also to cut unfinished content to publish this built, so the plot is sort of meh. Hopping to release another build with the missing content soon.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback!

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Antti Haavikko
(@anttihaavikko) • 27 days ago • 

Dang, only other submission (so far at least) and I can't even try it. Any chance for a web or mac build? 😅 Or at least a video so I could see it in motion?

Very limited feedback I can provide just based on one single screenshot. The pixel art work looks mostly very good even as a still image. At least some of the tiles need more corner pieces and variation to flow better. Just doing few small variations of the tiles and placing those randomly (my guess is that you're using some tiling system that already supports this) goes a long way to make it look more natural and less repetitive. Same goes for the boxes and instead of even needing to draw more variations, you could just mirror and rotate the texture randomly so they wouldn't appear identical at a glance. Could even scale them a bit too if the game mechanics (it seems that they have some functionality, not just decorative based on the ring around them) allow it. Of course that would push the pixel ratio to not be 1:1 too so might not be what you want. Oh yeah the box spites seem to have baked in lighting details in them so I guess rotating doesn't work either but mirroring could still work and ease up to repetitiveness a bit.

The barrel sprite kinda sticks out cause it has some actual perspective while eveything else is flat from the side. And there is either a extra dark border or a plain gap when the boxes are on platforms or on top of other boxes which makes them look a bit weird.

Looks like there is some lighting stuff going on with the lanterns etc but it looks too subtle. At least on that screeshot. If it's always that subtle, could crank it up quite a bit in my opinion.

Yup, that's about it. Hope you can provide a build or video so I can go into more detail. Keep up the good work! 👍

  • 21 days ago • 

Hello @anttihaavikko!

For a feedback based on a single image that was very good.

Yeah, I need to rework the decoration sprites at some point.The player sprites are still a placeholder, and I didn't stick with an style yet.

The game is very shadder intensive so it does not run well on browsers. I never tried a Mac build before and I'm not sure how it would run. I will try to build one later.

Here is the Twitter page for the game, there are some videos and gifs there.

Really thanks for the feedback!

Antti Haavikko
(@anttihaavikko) • 20 days ago • 

Oh yeah, checked your Twitter now and the game look much better in action than it does as a single still image! 👍 Looks very familiar too. Was it an entry in some AKJ jam or maybe I've just seen it shared on Discord?

Nice amount of visual flare and feedback with all that screenshake and shockwave effects etc. And those minor details (and lack there of) I mentioned really get lost in the action and don't matter that much. I know you said the player sprite is just a placeholder but what about its scale? Kinda looks weird that the NPCs are multiple times as tall as the player character.

The game really needs a nice action packed music right now. Some of the sound effects seem a bit harsh on the ear on their own now (mainly that metallic jump juggle slash swing sound).

Well I can be your Mac guinea pig if you wanna try making a build. 😆 Hmm, I've only done one game with Godot with loads and loads of shader effects but it still ran without any issues on browser too. 🤔

One thing you might wanna try is adding a kind of "auto climb" for one tile steps like in Terraria and Dead Cells for example. Even yourself in those gifs and videos you shared keep constantly bumping on those killing your momentum. Might make it feel better to navigate around with this kind of additional help in keeping the flow going.

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