Short 5minutes looping adventure game made for the YAZJam2

(game in english and french)
(hint 1 : fist of all, find something to be able to put obtjects in)
(hint 2 : use the YAZ-Mode explained at the bottom of this page to get rid of the stopwatch)

Story :
A crazy engineer made a machine
which created an opaque holographic surface
between the sun and the earth :
an artificial eclipse is born, depriving the planet of light.

Police managed to stop him
but the machine that could stop everything cannot be found.
The engineer confessed that it is at his home,
a little house he like to call his "Yggdrasil".
well hidden and too difficult for most people to be understood.

He agreed to speak because he knows that there is
only 5 minutes before the hologram gets too far away
in space to be reached and stopped by the machine,
plunging the Earth into darkness for a complete year.

Your role is to find the machine and activate it
to destroy the eclipse all before the deadline.

Concept :
The machine creates a time loop around it
which will allow you to carry out your mission
as many times as necessary to be faster as possible,
failure bringing back 5 minutes before,
at the first start of the mission.
(You'll need a lot more than one cession of 5 minutes to understand the game and rech the end ^^)

Game :
Video game made in 3 weeks for the #yazjam2
Themes :

  • 5 minutes lifetime
  • who are you / where do you live
  • tree of life
  • eclipse
  • every sound has a mouth-made base

A YAZ-Mode makes it possible to get rid of the imperative of the 5-minute stopwatch for the downloadable PC version of this game.
If you see that you can't do it for this reason alone:
Hold down Ctrl, then press Y, then A, then Z.
Normally, the stopwatch has disappeared!
Enjoy this magical gift from Simon to the chrono's refractories

Other hints / tips:

  • to pick objects, you need a place to store them in aim to transport them
  • the house is made up like the Yggdrasil tree of life, where each room has its rightful place
  • do not hesitate to take the time to try everything, in all places: the game will be identical each time, and the player will only focus on what has brought him something positive
  • be careful to note all the clues in the game. On the way down, there is no turning back …

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 • 1 month ago • 

I collected a lot of items and 'saw' the clue in the tree, but the puzzles were too hard for me. I liked the art style and the strange home (is the washing machine upside down??), but my favourite part is the credits song! Very nice touch. I think I need more feedback on what is interactable in a room, some subtle outline when i hover the mouse over an item would be nice.

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