Wizard Tower

Building a tower is hard work. The great sorcerer has tasked you with retrieving a moon stone, but the moon is far away. You know you read in some tome about a creature of clay which will fulfill any task you set before it, perhaps they can help.

There is a How To Play section on the itch.io page, and I highly recommend it, I didn't really have time to do much onboarding for the player.

Quick tips:

  • A golem has a prerequisite of the golem factory, which needs a clay storage. It can be constructed while holding gold.
  • If you are finding yourself doing something often, make a golem do it. A lazy wizard is a good wizard.
  • Corridors will be the main bulk of your tower, though once you start getting into the upper atmosphere, lower tier corridors will not work anymore. The observatory will let you build your corridors in space.

I came into this jam with a rather ambitious concept, so I wasn't able to complete all of the things I wanted to do. However the game is playable from beginning to end, though the pacing might not be the greatest as it isn't very well playtested.

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Build a tower to the moon





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Comments (8)

2 months ago

Nice concept. Maybe you can try finishing it!

2 months ago

Interesting town building concept. Golems are an excellent idee , very good for programming initiation. GG

2 months ago

Very nice concept, and most impressive that you got this complex stuff in for a 48 hour jam !

(@Cloie) • 2 months ago

I was dissapointed when my attempts to teach a golem to build failed, but the general premise of the game is great and it's clear a lot of effort went into the design. A wonderful game jam game and one of my favourites so far even it's got a lot of potential to become something incredible if you wanted to keep working on it.

2 months ago

@Cloie Yeah, I originally was going to have Golems able to create golems, but it got really complicated, and I felt that unless I opened up the programming of them to include conditionals and such it wouldn't even be worth it. Maybe in a version 2 though. You can still have golems construct rooms though, I would move them further then they can initially, then start construction on a room and drop their resource then return. By doing this, They can continue to build upwards for instance more then one time. I'm imagining that you can program golems eventually using a Scratch-like language rather then having them mimic your movements.

2 months ago

Frick yeah Moon Tea! tasty tasty moon tea.

great game, love the idea to automate your work, you can absolutely cheat your way through with wood and/or clay storage so there's no incentive to actually build up to the sealed corridor.

Even if you opted out of audio you can't use actual existing music (especially one as popular as the one you're using, fantasia was and still is a great movie). You can really see your inspiration for your game coming from this tho.

Really geat work!

2 months ago

Oops, you are right about music. This track is in public domain (It's not the Fantasia version) but I didn't see the line in the rules about audio. Thanks for pointing that out!

2 months ago

@Lokior Thanks again for pointing that music thing out, I have uploaded a version which is identical except audio is disabled. I'm sorry about that to anyone who took that into consideration when rating the game. If you want to get in the ideal mindset for playing the game, you can queue this up in the background: https://archive.org/details/SorcerersApprentice

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