Trifecta caster

Combinational spellcasting game


First off: this is mostly just a concept project thant a game at this point.

You play as a wizard who uses different coloured runes to cast spells. Different colour combinations make for different spells (order of the runes don't matter!) and each monster is resistant to spells other than their own colour; so to kill them you need to cast spells which match the colour of the monster.

Or at least that was the full-scale idea…

In reality I only had time to do one spell (due to so many SEGFAULTs o.e). So although other coloured monsters were programmed in time, only red monsters will spawn which can be killed using the Firewave spell (Red, Red, Red) which is also the only working spell at this point.

Also we didn't have time to really make a level so it kind of just doesn't ends. Just close the window when you reach the end of the room



  • Right & Left Arrow Keys
  • Up arrow key to jump

Q : Red Rune
W: Yellow Rune
E: Blue Rune
Spacebar: Activate Spell

Only one spell works (Red, Red, Red), but feel free to try any other combination to see what the combined rune looks like! We're very proud of how the casting circle turned out! ^_^

Dependecy stuff

If you get "Missing DLL" errors try installing vcredist 2012 x86 which is provided under the "dependencies" folder. This was a requirement of the engine.

Post-Jam update

Worked on the game a bit more after the Jam. Added a few things and now its an actual game!


  • Added two new spells for a total of three :-
    * Red, Red, Red (Firewave)
    * Blue, Blue, Blue (Waterwall)
    * Red, Yellow, Blue (Blessing (heal))
  • Added new blue monsters
  • Added health and damage
  • Added a final encounter based on waves of enemies
  • Added an actual win condition, victory text and music


Totally blew past the 48 hour deadline and still didn't mange to finish after the 72 hour deadline. First time working with C++ and cocos2dx. Unfortunately porting to windows (Was developed on Linux) took one extra week, a lot of googling, and asking on the (actually really helpful) forums to get it to work because one of the pre-packaged dlls were apparently compiled in Debug mode and also because I wasn't used to the whole microsoft vcredist stuff needed to distribute on windows.

Kind of disappointed we didnt finish but we learnt a lot and will most likely function better as a team next time. I (Username: LaudemPax) did the programming and general tech, while two others (Usernames: Skyshifter and @Toukayun) worked their magic on the fantastic graphics and music, couldn't have done this without them.

We're thinking on further developing this game but due to some problems with Cocos2dx we might be switching engines.

A heartfelt thank you from us if you do play the game, and any feedback is most definitely welcome.

Known Issues and Bugs

  • Sometimes the victory screen does not appear (only had this happen once in many many test runs)
  • Linux version still has dependecy issues, so theres still no link for it atm

Comments (2)

 • 5 years ago • 

Looks like it is missing needed depencencies in the download

$ ./alakajam5 
./alakajam5: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
  • 5 years ago • 

Yeah I can't seem to figure that out yet. Managed to build a windows version in the meantime though. Am taking the linux release down for now

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