SpellGrounds, Modular Spells Simulator

Get your staff out Wtiches, Wizards, Magicians and SpellCasters alike! Experiement with different combinations of spells and magics that allows you to cast a different attack for each combination.

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(@josefgazdos) • 1 year ago • 

Great graphics, but sadly player has no HP, so game does not give any challenge. Those enemy baloons are killing themselves instead of me when they touch me. The border of screen is not restricting me in movement, so I can get out of camera viewport (tested on 1920x1080 resolution).

The graphics are great, but the game kinda misses any point. But as simulator, it is not bad.

 • 1 year ago • 

Like the electric, fire, water combo, its works really well

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Try different combinations of spells and see how they fair against the slimes!?





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