Magic Maze

You're a wizard and you just escaped your jail cell inside a deadly tower. You must escape, but deadly ghosts stand in your way. Move around with WASD, click to cast a spell, and press Q to change between fire and lightning spells. Red potions give you HP and blue ones raise your spell power. The goal is to find the exit. Good luck!

This is my first ever finished game made completely from scratch, and I had a lot of fun doing it! Enjoy!

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Cast spells and get powerups to escape a tower dungeon!


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6 months ago

It is a great start, keep making games!

(@pepelka) • 6 months ago

I know that they are ghosts, but still feels a bit unfair that they can go through the walls, and I'm not(
Congrats with your first game!

6 months ago

It is not bad for a first finished project, but I don't give extra points for first timers so it is bad for a project in general… Let's go through the list.

Graphics! Paint… You used Paint, didn't you! Nearly everything is drawn with the pen tool, the tower is wavy! At least use the line tool from time to time, yes? (Or consider switching to another drawing program such as Krita, hint, hint). There is some nostalgic charm to the crudeness, but no extra points there.

Audio! Basic sound effects combined with strange background music, which has, once again, some charm to it. An actual extra point there.

Interactivity! Run around in a dungeon and slay monsters. Kind of like Gautlet, although much simpler. I would rate this higher if… there was any challenge! The power up and health potions are so numerous that the enemies are rendered utterly ineffective.

Originality! Not very original. One point for using ghosts which fly though walls, that's unusual (although it is probably due to not having time for implementing pathfinding)

Theme! Not very thematic at all. The spells are just like weapons with slightly different firerate and damage outputs. Nothing magical about them except the name.

Overall! It works, the visuals are clear, audio is ok… That's about it. Take heart, work hard and them skills will get better.

Overall: Bad (3.0)
Graphics: Bad (3.0)
Audio: Above Average (6.0)
Gameplay: Terrible (2.0)
Originality: Terrible (2.0)
Theme: Terrible (2.0)

6 months ago

Great job for a first jam game! You've got basic gameplay, graphics, audio, game-over conditions, instructions… basically everything needed to make it a game. This means you managed your time well!

Controls are simple and effective. No bugs or glitches that I could see. But the game gets very hard very quickly, so I never survived more than a few seconds. The random placement of potions also seems to have a big impact on my chances of survival. Then again, keep in mind that I suck at zombie shooters in general.

MS Paint style graphics and bfxr sound effects of course don't appear very professional, but they do go well together and have a certain kind of charm. If you want to take it further with this style, add some walk cycles, death animations, particle trails, that sort of thing to spice it up.

6 months ago

It's a good game, i just fhad a little dificult with the gameplay, maybe slowing the enemies and make them respawn after death with less enemies on the screen each time would help with a better gameplay.
To a first game you made well. Keep doing your best.
See you.

6 months ago

Its a little difficult though simple and straight forward.
Cute music and sound.

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