Elemental Tower

Elemental Tower is a puzzle game in which you must manipulate a tower made of elements that can react with each other. Your goal is to increase your score by destroying the most elements in the tower. Each element can only react with elements on the same horizontal plane. When an element is destroyed every element on top will fall one level.
You can only destroy neutral elements (Pl: Paruflore).

Here is a list of all the elements:
Hy: Hyladron
Tr: Trihogene
Ky: Kyrium
Jz: Jaziode
Pl: Paruflore

Those are all the possible interactions:
Hy + Jz = explosion
Hy + Ky = Jz
Hy + Tr = Ky
Ky + Jz = Tr
Jz + Tr = Hy

If you don't think you can progress further press the End Game button.

Thanks for playing!

We are aware that the graphics are not great and there is no sound but none of us had the skills in either graphics or sound. Sorry if it disturbs your experience.

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Comments (4)

10 months ago

While the game sounds quite interesting the implementation is quite lacking. The controls are way too sensitive as trying to rotate the tower it will spin around several times by just moving the mouse a few millimeters. Also, it was not obvious at first for me that you are able to rotate at all.

Regarding gameplay it is a bit annoying that you have to memorize the reactions. You could display them in the main game screen, there is still enough space.

I was not able to produce a single reaction in the initial configuration, afterwards nothing happened anymore. Is it guaranteed that there exists a solution?

10 months ago

quite simple. the elements arnt as easy for me. but fortunatly they are colour coded so Big bada boom!
beyond the lack of sound it works well.

10 months ago

While I didn't have any problems rotating the tower (on web), it would have been nice to have the possibly reactions somewhere on screen. Or sort them differently in the "How to Play". On the left side: blue + orange and purple, on the right side green + orange and purple and spanning both sidesand bigger blue + green as it is the most important reaction. May be easier to remember.

10 months ago

This is an interesting concept, but right now it's too hard to play, because the reactions seem a bit arbitrary and can't easily be remembered. It might be better with some numbers on them, e.g. something like Threes, where only particular numbers will combine (for instance, if they differ by only 1).

I also got into a situation where it kept cycling indefinitely between colours. The rules should be changed to avoid that, otherwise it becomes a puzzle of careful timing.

I like the graphics though, nice and simple without looking too much like programmer art. Pity there's no sound, but I understand :)

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