I Dreamt of Colorful War

This game was made in less than 2 days for Alakajam 4.
A short, shape filled, colorful destroy them all.
Didn't have much time, (as I was stuck on day one, and busy on day two).
So, here comes a very raw game.

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This game entered in the Solo competition (46 entries).


A short, shape filled, colorful destroy them all.





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7 months ago

Your link gives a 404.

7 months ago

@smbe19 : It should work now, I forgot to set it to public.

7 months ago

The message at the end was endearing, but there's no need to beat yourself up over a game that didn't turn out how you wanted - it happens to all of us. Since you asked for advice on how to improve the title, here goes:
The background on the main fighting arena is a flat color, which makes it very difficult to tell if the player is moving right or not. I understand you didn't have time to back the scenery more complex, but just fixing the camera to a single position would have helped. Maybe even cut down the size of the game so it is just a one-screen arena that monsters fall into from the top.
I like the spinning sword mechanic. At the start of the game, when monsters are falling from the sky, I could stand under them and kill them, but if I tried to move my sword I'd die. But if I approached from the side, I had to time my attack right. It's different from the usual button-mashy attack mechanics in platformers.
I think you spent a bit too much time writing out the text boxes and designing the level. A big part of game jams is keeping a reasonable scope for your game. The balcony is completely superfluous. I think your level shouldn't have been more complex than one empty rectangular room that enemies fall into. Keep it simple, keep it clean.

Hope to see you again next jam.

7 months ago

Good game. I especially liked the text at the end :) Your graphics are quite minimalistic, but the text makes the game fun to play. I experimented on pressing the swords for a really small amount of time and this way constantly being safe, but that didn't work out well D: Than I tried it again and got killed by some monster under me. I also like the mechanic that the downfalling rectangles provide an extra challenge if you decide to skip the text. Your game could be improved by implementing graphics and removing this rectangle at the bottom D:

Nanukk Luik
(@NanukkLuik) • 7 months ago

This game gave me a chuckle or two. 'Welcome to hell' hahahaha. I literally though the crowd of colour people could get me in the corner after the staircases but then they turned away.
The most unnecessary feeling of dread.
Awesome job, with the humour and the gameplay, love the fact your swords hurt you too but you regenerate!

7 months ago

Nice use of the theme falling. Keeping the graphics simple was a good idea

7 months ago

Yay, another Godot game :)

I love the title. Very poetic. Wonder where you were going with that.

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