Grand Theft Shopping - Spend your dirty money (UNFINISHED)

In this game, you were suppposed to buy as much stuff as you can so avoid letting the cops know about your illegal fortune.

Things missing:

  • The cops
  • Working money bar
  • Reward for buying stuff
  • Probably more stuff I forgot


Spend your ever-growing illegal money as fast as possible to avoid getting caught by the police.




Comments (4)

a year ago

Too bad the game wasn't completed. The audio was interesting though.

a year ago

Cool music. I think maybe it would be a good idea to switch to regular directional controls when you ditch the cart, rather than tank controls, though it is hard to tell for sure without trying it and having enemies around and stuff. It seems like there were some good ideas behind this, I would have liked to play the completed version.

a year ago

Unfortunate, the idea sounds quite novel and zany (which is always a positive!) The controls are awfully slidy, but they actually go well together with the cheery music in a strange way.

a year ago

This was a cute concept! The shopping music was great.

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