always growing lvl

esc - exit
pmb - restart on game over
lmb - go


just for fun... (it may lagging)





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10 months ago

This is quite something. Super simple, of course; lacking audio, sure; yet the controls are very responsive and the challenge itself could be stretched to, in my opinion, a full length project!

Tight controls, an ever expanding world and maybe a few different enemy types to chase and target the player on the way. Think of N, when it comes to the enemies. Yeah, that would work!

I really like the backgroung graphic, the main sprites are in a different style and suffer from a lot of aliasing which is a shame.

As a proof of concept, very solid. Keep at it!

10 months ago

The controls feel great.
This is a really cool idea and the controls are so simple I can see it working for mobile and computer.
You could add some other mechanics you had to dodge and it would be cool. Nice idea!

10 months ago

HuvaaKoodia ha ha… i just stack with some things and just make what i can) yes i have some ideas but…

Ztuu great to listen it… but i not plane to make something with this soon

anyway thanks!

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