Stuck at Night

Flashlight is pointed towards mouse cursor. Use left mouse button to fire weapon (there is also auto fire when holding the button).

There are 4 types of animals. New ones starts showing after every 30 seconds, and their spawn time is decreased.

I've had very busy weekend with only few hours to make the game, and I am glad that I've managed to make a completable game.

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This game entered in the Solo competition (45 entries).

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a year ago

The game is nice and simple but I found it to easy especially you can just hold down the button. I think it would be nice to add an ammo clip or something to make it a bit harder but besides that i liked the idea!

Caique Assis
(@caiqueassis) • a year ago


So, like Toxicvipa said, the game is really easy if you just hold the button. Another thing that could shake things up would be some sound effects / juice to the game, and maybe different weapons or a different system where a certain enemy is only hurt or is hurt more effectively by certain types of weapons.

a year ago

I played with the personal rule of no autofire and I think it probably plays bettter ( a little harder). I think if you removed the tiny indicator that shows the direction they are coming from it would turn hard and frantic real quick.

a year ago

At first i was like 'Eh it's an ok game'. But with difficulty raising and just a little more time left to survive i got really into it, looking all round be and shoting enemies. I think that difficulty is well balanced, i managed to win on my survive with 2HP left but i actually had to work hard for it. Graphics are simple but nice, really shame that there is no audio in this game, it would add a lot to the game.

In overall pretty fun game and good luck with working on it more!

BTW i completely forgot that you can hold fire button so i was fanatically clicking the mouse button, i think it adds to the game.

a year ago

Thank you for the feedback.
I've uploaded the current post jam version available at - Stuck at Night (Post Jam) which is still in development.
Based on the suggestions - I've made the game harder, removed auto fire, added game audio and changed the animals speed and UI.
I also tried to remove the animal indicator, but the game got too hard, and I've decided to leave it.

a year ago

The bullets could use a lot more contrast. As is, they don't stand out very well against the background. I actually didn't think they were there at first, I had to get pretty close to my monitor to see them.

a year ago


I'm going to be harsh now; don't take it personally (you only put a few hours into this anyways).

The idea is as old as dirt and done to death. It fits theme on a surface level, sure, but that's about it. A super simple (stationary) shooter needs a super cool gimmick or to be super polished.

Seeing exactly where each enemy comes from removes any and all challenge. Rapid-fire shotgun doesn't even matter as the enemies run in a straight line. Little aiming needed.

Overall: 2 (Terrible)
Gameplay: 1 (Terribad)
Originality: 1 (Terribad)
Theme: 3 (Bad)
(Graphics would have gotten a 4 btw)


It's better! Took me multiple tries to finally win, a good sign! The issues of the jam version mostly disappear due to the increased amount of enemies. They don't just come at you one at a time now.

It's still not very exciting though. Suggestions:

  • Don't show the pinpoint starting location of the enemies. Only show the general direction (1 out of 4?). Sound panning alone could work too (using headphones, that is).
  • Different enemies should have different movement patterns. Requires actually aiming, not just quick reactions.
  • Bigger, easier to see bullets; or invisible hit-scan bullets. The current slow, gray bullets have the worst of both.

Audio does a lot, so that's already there. Keep at it.

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You have 2 minutes to survive while being stuck in a trap at forest at night with only flashlight and gun

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