Boxed In


Kill the 6 enemies before they make it to you.

How To Play

  • WASD to move
  • Mouse to look around
  • Left-click to grab, drag and throw boxes
  • Space to shoot

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This game entered in the Solo competition (45 entries).

Comments (7)

a year ago

The linux build worked for me (Linux Mint 18)

The concept is indeed fine. Some basic things are missing to make the current build enjoyable. Here's a big list:

  • Reset button
  • Quit button
  • Sound effect for enemy dying
  • Sound effect for shooting
  • Less OP shooting (reloading or bigger cooldown between shots?)
  • Less finicky object manipulation (dragging doesn't register most of the time)
  • More objects, not just boxes (invisible enemies messing the place up would be funny. Also trickier to aim)
  • No corners to hide in (currently it is possible to hide in a corner behind a box)
  • Polish, polish, polish!

That's about it. If only you'd had more time, this could've been a tense experience.

Overall: 3 (Bad)
Gameplay: 3 (Bad)
Originality: 6 (Above average)
Theme: 6 (Above average)

a year ago

Thank you so much @HuvaaKoodia for that feedback. I'm definitely planning to take this project further, and polish it up. I have a vision of a box being toppled by an enemy out of your vision, and you spinning round at lightning speed close to pooping yourself. That is the goal.

As well as some of the points you mentioned there, the hope is to have more levels, different enemy types, and better AI.

Thanks again!

a year ago

Maybe I'm missing something… but I don't see any enemies and I just keep dying randomly? Is that the idea, that they are invisible? But then how should I know where to shoot…?

Also Space to shoot is really unusual. How about left-click to shoot, right-click to manipulate boxes?

a year ago

Hey @thomastc You are meant to use the boxes around you to help figure out where the enemy are. If you look at the entrances, you'll notice boxes moving. That is what gives them away.

I appreciate your feedback with regards to the controls. I've not had much issue myself, but will try your layout. And if I continue to work on it, I'll look into setting up the ability to set your own custom keybinds.

Thanks again!

Sílvia Cavadas
(@silviacavadas) • a year ago

As pointed out above, while the idea seems promising, the game still requires a lot of improvements/additions to provide an enjoyable experience. Two important points are

  • Reset and quit buttons! Without them trying the game multiple times is extremely annoying.
  • Adding feedback to the player: sound effects when shooting/hitting, indication of when an enemy is hit, maybe a counter with number of enemies hit/ to go, etc…

Maybe adding some audio cues for enemies approaching in addition to the visual cues could be worth considering?

Also a bug in the current version: after the "game over" screen, the player can still shoot and hit enemies, and even win, causing "You won!" to be written on top of "game over".

a year ago

@silviacavadas Thanks for the feedback, and I've definitely realised the importance of audio feedback as well as visual feedback. I've also come to the conclusion that if I'd spent my time better, I could have easily added them in time.

Aside from the audio cues for enemies approaching, I believe most of these issues have been resolved in the latest version. I'm now working on AI improvements, more sounds, and a better level for a new build this week.

a year ago

Pretty awesome idea! After reading the description the game its clear, but I believe the game should describe itself, in some way, there is some indicator of whats going on, yet, the fact the some players thomas didn't knew what was happing means that there most be some better description in game, of what the game its about. Also the things mentioned by the first comments are really important things keep them in mind

I would love to play the polished version. . .

Nice Job!

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Use the boxes around you to figure out where the invisible enemy is, and kill them.