See from windows

It's puzzle game with one level.

How to play:

  • Use mouse for move windows
  • Use WASD for move character
  • Stand on levers for opening doors
  • Find the key for opening main door

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This game entered in the Solo competition (45 entries).

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a year ago

It's very short, but a good use of the theme. Controls are a little slippery, but otherwise a pretty nice little maze game.

a year ago

I like the concept, but I've been trying for ten minutes to complete the first level and I was unable to do so. I'm not sure if I'm missing something.

Caique Assis
(@caiqueassis) • a year ago


So, I played it. Nice concept, I just find the controls to be a little hard…and pulling the box with the mouse isn't that intuitive. Could work a bit on that, and the game would feel nicer.

a year ago

Like the concept, but couldn't get through the first level. D: The learning curve is a bit steep here. A level with no darkess, then eventually levels introducing each mechanic would have made this better.

a year ago

Really cool concept. A shame that it's so short, the controls are a bit slippery and there's no sound.

I feel like this has so much goddamn potential!

Nice diea and nice work! :)

a year ago

Yeah also couldn't get past the first level, the bit where you have to go through the areas which you can't show with the window are really tricky. Seems to be a bug that when you die and hit says hit any key to reatart this doesn't work for me. I have to reload the whole page. Feel like the window should be a bit bigger and you need to be easier on the difficulty slope. Interesting idea though, and the pixel art is nice. Also playing games in silence always feels so weird,

a year ago

An admirable attempt at combining two puzzle genres together: tile sliding and mazes. The tile visibility effect is an innovative use of masks (or a custom shader, care to elaborate) and initially impressive even. After a while the novelty wears off and the seams start to show.

Both mechanics are used in an overtly simple way. The maze is time consuming only due to limited visibility, not clever usage of doors, levers, keys, etc. The sliding tiles are there only to provide visibility. They require moving around, but not much thought. The blocking areas are a start, but not enough.

More obstacles and mechanics needed! Ideas:

  • Sliding tile puzzles often times have little empty space, the tiles are packed together and need to be moved around to form groups. Only groups provide visibility.
  • Different colored groups show certain things in the world and not others.
  • Teleporters, multiple key types, etc. Obstacles which turn the maze into a proper headscratcher. I feel Tetrobot and Co. might be a fitting inspiration here.

Do with these ideas whatever you wish.

The graphics are more than adequate. As mentioned by others, the movement controls are slippery and the window dragging at times stiff.

Not bad, could have been better.

Overall: 6 (Above average)
Graphics: 6 (Above average)
Gameplay: 4 (Below average)
Originality: 8 (Great)
Theme: 6 (Above average)

a year ago

Pretty nice Idea! Y really like you limited the movement of the windows, yet as some people pointed out, it needs a bit more of tutorialing. Apart from that, I guess its all resumed in the order comments.

I liked the game! Nice Job!

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