In Ferdiz' Eyes

Get to the top, braving moving obstacles and evil letters.
Have fun !

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You play as Ferdinand, little letter man. You suffer multiple vision... Mmh... Issues. You'd better get to the top of the board to prove your doctor that your eyes aren't that bad





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a year ago

well done very interesting

a year ago

Nice platformer, its interesting.

The physics seem a little floaty and sometimes you need to wait too long for the platforms to line up.

Also, the end of the sound for the jump does something werid that hurts my ears, idk why.

The mechanic with letters as platforms should have been exploited more, its really cool. The blurry graphics, I guess it makes sense, but its uncomfortable to watch.

Good work! :)

Caique Assis
(@caiqueassis) • a year ago


Nice concept. I played some of it, but stopped because I got to a part where the screen was so shaky and flashing / flickering that it was very headache inducing to me.

The collisions / controls could be improved for a better experience, but that would make it even easier (it was easy till the part I played).

a year ago

Interesting concept, creating a platformer using various letters as the platforms!

The vision effects (blurring, blinking, etc.) were somewhat uncomfortable to watch, even as it matched the theme.

It was also hard to get a feel for when it was possible to jump, and when it wasn't. It seemed that even on large round letters, the relatively gently curve was still enough to prevent you from jumping.

Otherwise, the level design and jumping puzzles felt varied, and as mentioned, sculpting the level from letters of various sizes and rotations was an interesting touch!

Our bold hero is
literally supported,
by written letters.

a year ago

Hello, very cool idea! I've completed the game, I like how you managed to get things working! First, the controlls can be improved, giving more control to the player, also the jumping problem on the curves and diagonal surfaces, although it isn't much of a problem I guess you could work it better.

The blurriness part was getting me dizzy haha, you don´t need to take it away, because its part of the concept, but maybe you could alert the players that such kind of effects will be displayed, so that they are aware and safe.

Also, I think that instead of having an UI button for respawing it could be a button on the keyboard, just for speed matters, so the player can start playing back instantly. I found myself getting a bit uncomfortable when having to grab the mouse to respawn.

Good job!

(@silviacavadas) • a year ago

I really liked the concept of having the world be the letters in an eye doctor's office! I also liked all the visual effects conveying the sight issues - the blurriness, the blinking, etc - even though they could probably be implemented in a way which feels more pleasant to the player.

A couple of suggestions for improvement of the UI:

  • the little UI at the corner of the screen is very crude and contrasts with the visual style of the game, I would either remove it or "beautify" it. There's also the issue that if one clicks the waypoint option, then the button becomes selected and pressing space activates the button instead of jumping, so one has to click outside the button to deselect it.
  • A way to exit the game would be welcome.

a year ago

Great game! I really like the conecpt and you totally nailed the bad vision filter. I had even more fun playing this with my glasses off!

Congrats, very good take on the theme!

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