Cloud Temple

In Cloud Temple both players are invisible, and they will have to find and catch each other without themselves being revealed by their effect on their surroundings.

Catching a divine orb will also reveal the opposing player for a short time.

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Challenge a friend to a sneaky duel

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Caique Assis
(@caiqueassis) • a year ago


I tried playing the game, but the "rules" window gave me no text and no explanation. I tried understanding it myself but was clueless…

Maybe if you added some info here on the page it would be helpful ;)

a year ago

@caiqueassis We had some last minute issues with the UI texture indeed, the updated version now has that working and we'll follow your advice and post the image directly on the game description. The nature of the game definitely makes it hard to understand without some explaination so that's probably a good idea.

Thanks for your feedback!

a year ago

This game is so interesting, but I can't appreciate the gameplay without two people.

The art, tho, I cna appreciate. God, it's absolutely top-notch, can I give it an 11? It's so clean and stylish, would look too good in most 3D commercial rpgs. I would have loved if you went for a 1P thing and I could explore an area made in this style. If you have the 3d skills to make an area like this in 48h, you should try to make a game like Hob or something and publish it.

Amazing work!

a year ago

As Rain said above, it's hard to appreciate the gameplay by myself. However, I can see how it would be fun if I had someone to play with.

The art is beautiful, and completely unexpected for a game made in 48 hours. Can easily see this being one of many levels in a polished multiplayer game.

Good stuff!

a year ago

Wow the art & FX are simply of commercial quality, congratulations to the artists. I look forward to check the sources and explore how you got all this stuff done! The tribal temple look makes me want to throw Crash Bandicoot in there and start breaking everything :D

Once again I'll not be the one to do your game justice by playing it locally with a friend. Hopefully Danae & @Aurel300 will be able to play it together with two controllers during Sunday's stream. The core idea is great, and you nicely littered the level with items that can give away your position, which must be fun. I have no idea how well this plays in practice, but it did look like the powers & player speeds were reasonably balanced.

Looking forward to see it played on a stream!

Sílvia Cavadas
(@silviacavadas) • a year ago

As many have already mentioned, the graphics are superb!

I tried playing with a friend and the idea is fun, but for me there was a major issue preventing good gameplay: the fact that the movement controls are not aligned with the world grid makes the movement very unintuitive for me and I had a lot of trouble keeping track of where I was moving to.

I didn't understand what were the white spheres and why did that ray coming from the statue sometimes appeared, but maybe I just didn't pay enough attention.

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