You are boss baby on Moraq. Try to drink to bottle and read your brother memo.

You are boss baby on Morag. You already have everything that you need money, position, fame. But besides following the book rule, you still have the memo from your brother. Go through the journey and read the message from the love book.

Sometimes, you have to sacrifice the company for your family.

Read the help.txt for more info

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 • 11 days ago • 

I played the game. Thanks for the source, I was able to run it from linux :D. I saw that also you used pygame, very cool!
The idea of the puzzles is really good, I enjoyed it and would have played for some more levels with pleasure :-) Also the minimalistic music really fits with the game and I liked the scattered tones
My only difficulty was to read properly the text that was really tiny on my screen, especially with high-resolution. To overcome this problem on pygame i usually transform all the sprites with the pygame.transform.scale2x which double the sizes with pixel perfect and it is much faster than the scale method. I think it could also depend on the fact that the system font change between Linux and Windows, so could be a compatibility issue, I will retry on Windows to enjoy better also the story.
I saw that the link to the github source is broken (it says 404 not found), maybe because it is pointing to the settings tab (which I think it is private). However, I found it here Congratulations!

  • 10 days ago • 

Wow, thank you so much for playing, I am really glad that you enjoy it. Next time, I will tried to make it readable and probably create my own font. Also, I did change the visibility of Github to public last time, now I just try to change again. And I am really appreciate your comments.

 • 2 days ago • 

Hahaha, nice story! I don't know what bottle book is, but that didn't stop me. Fun start for a puzzle game. Kinda hard to make more difficult levels with only the one mechanic. The boss baby sprite was really good :D
Well done!

  • 1 day ago • 

Thanks for the comment, I will try to make more mechanic in the next jam. And thank you so much for reading the story, the text is blur though so I create my own now. You also recognize the bottle book and boss baby even though I was struggling at pixel art. I learned a lot and will try to improve more, really appreciate that you read the story.

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