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udo 3 months ago

I spent way too long on different simulation approaches… The largest part is still to do: the actual gameplay! :D

udo 3 months ago

Okay, due to procrastination reasons I only started today, but since work always expands to completely fill the allowed time, I'm not too worried about this week :D

So far, I do have a basic "planet" map and the simulation model can work with seasons and sunlight exposure. I'll expand this to a better model of planetary climate now. And when the basic mechanisms are in place, it's time for gameplay. The plan is to make a Civ-style management game where you have to bring your planet through the anthropocene without killing everybody…

udo 3 months ago

I tried to convince friends to participate with me, but it didn't work. So I'm going it alone. :)

This is also my first Alakajam!

I have some vague ideas about making a strategy game, but not sure about the mechanics yet. I'll use:

  • Browser/JavaScript/WebGL
  • Three.js WebGL library
  • a text editor ;)
  • Logic Pro for music (hopefully I wont run out of time for that)
  • Audacity for audio editing
  • Gimp for bitmap editing

Really looking forward to this one! :)

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