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mr_1337 • 1 year ago 

Dang it!

So close for the unranked… Oh well… Next time gadget!

Here's the game anyways… Would love some feedback! <3 :)

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mr_1337 • 1 year ago 

Progress so far… (concept made in Adobe XD). Simple, yes, but let's try it in Unity, yolo! xD

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A Happy Mistake 4

mr_1337 • 2 years ago 

First things first… An introduction

Hello World! (Never been good at introductions, but here goes…) My name is mr_1337 (can't believe that username was available) and live in Sweden. Been prototyping a few games in the past, but never anything to show for. In a pathetic attempt to actually create something from scratch with the plan of completing and releasing I decided to join a gam jam, which leads me to..

Scroll down for TL;DR and game

In the begining there was nothing

With my head held high I started drawing the sprites. That went well I thought and I soon had a, pretty good I thought, main character for my game. Cut to a few hours in, I started with the animations. Been programming for a few years in Java, and this was the first time using Unity. I had watched a few videos on how to use it and noticed that C# was pretty close to Java so how hard could it be right? I have never been so wrong in my life. 12 hours in and I was still stuck at the animation part.

The end is nigh

I rather quickly realized that I was not going to make it, neither Ranked nor Unranked, but what a wise man once said,

"Quitters never win"

So, working on the game for a week, I finally made it! My first completed game! (Yes, I'm proud of it! Probably more than I should be). Overall, I'm pretty happy how the Jam turned out, even learned a few things. Few of them being; DON'T LEARN A NEW ENGINE UNDER THE JAM, DON'T DRAW, FOR GOD SAKE DON'T DRAW. Will most definetly continue making games in Unity though and now when I've got a hang of how everything works I can't wait to release my next game. Will most likely join more jams in the future!
Oh, one more thing, Happy Jamming!

Pic dumps!

Title Screen


Game preview:



TL;DR and Game

Did not make it in time, but still decided to complete and release the game! Feedback is much appreciated! :) (First game ever completed, please go gently on it)

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