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Hey Bois it's I Danillo and let me Introduce my self 1

Danillo • 2 years ago 

So on 2003 , october 12 a beatiful boi was ( hey that's me), and the boi was going up until 2008 when his dad got a notbook and he had his first contact with the internet on that moment, the mind of the boi just exploded with so much information, passing all those years on 2015 the boi aways seeing those incredible games that he played wanted to make one so he searched around the web and found it his first game engine RPG maker .

And more years passed until 2018 when he got Gamemaker and here we are on 2019 and the boi is going to participate his first GameJam.

Now for real i'm really hyped to enter my first Game Jam and why not make a popular game Like HopFrog did with Forager (on of my great inspirations)

My Stats are these
Engine: Gamemaker 1.4, tic80.
Art: Asesprite, Gimp.
Audio: Bosca ceiol, BeepBox.

So i would really be happy if i particepate of this Jam (it's my first Tho) -with Love, Danillo

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