SnowFox 6 months ago on 6th Kajam

Just took a look at the theme for this months jam. I don't tend to play many Hyper-Casual games, but I'm familiar with my temple runs, flappy birds and such. I think I already know what I want to do, and it stems from a project I did way back when I was using GameMaker Studio.

I'd created the basics of an endless runner, with moving platforms where a player had to jump from platform to platform to gather coins. As the player score got higher, new obstacles would spawn like turrets on platforms and rotating saw blades.

With GameMaker, I managed the basics, but never finished it and never got to add the obstacles I wanted.

That being said, I am currently using Unity, so I basically have to start from scratch.

In a month though? Hope I can pull it off!

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