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fullmontis • 2 years ago on 2nd Alakajam! entry  Map and Shovel

Oof, that was close. I really didn't think I would be able to finish the game, was clenching my butt until the last minute. But it is out and it works. It seems to, at least.

I'm glad to say that Map and Shovel is done!

Let's go to the meat: what is it about?

It is a simple point and click/puzzle game, where you have to find the position on the screen where the treasure was buried. You get a small fragment of a map that you have to decipher with the little info you have. Will you be able to find them all?

It is very short and I find it kinda entertaining, so maybe it will give you a couple of minutes of fun.

You may ask… Why the rush, if it is so simple? The answer is that I can't keep to a schedule, and that I should not try a jam without not having completed at least a game with it before… And many other things I will probably talk about in a future post/video, who knows. But anyway.

You can play it HERE

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