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Laguna • 6 years ago on 2nd Alakajam! 

I like the wooshing sounds deadlines make when they pass by.

Douglas Adams

The time to work on your game ends tonight at 7pm UTC for ranked entries. After that time, stop adding features to your game.
However, as we know that the final hours of a jam can be quite stressfull, you have one additional "submission hour". So the submission of ranked entries is possible until 8pm UTC.

At this point, solo and team submissions will be locked. As literally everybody is trying to submit in that timeframe, traffic issues might occur.

Voting will start right after the submission hour, so if you are looking forward to play some games, you can do so right away.
Unranked jammers have additional 24 hours ( + submission hour) so for them the doors close on Feb 26th at 10pm UTC.

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