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Wan • 6 years ago on 3rd Kajam 

Because games don't always have to be about shooting things, the first 2018 Kajam is about telling Stories! Explore how to tell a nice and engaging story to your players, maybe by focusing on developing interesting choices, or on the attachment to the characters, or simply use this excuse to finally try and tell a story for your first time!

While every single type of video game can be greatly affected by its storytelling, here are cheap ways you could exercise your talents:

  • Interactive fictions, with an engine like Twine or even from scratch (web or console) ;
  • Role-playing games based on RPG Maker or its free clone RPG Boss ;
  • Walking simulators, either in 2D or 3D.


  • Jan. 1st - Jan. 28th: The jam. Make a small game while focusing on its story elements. Either over an evening or spanning the whole 3/4 weeks, either solo or as a team, there's little to no rules, just a chance to practice. If you're curious though, feel free to check the event rules.
  • Jan. 28th - Feb. 4th: The rating phase. For one week, all entrants will rate the storytelling of the other games. Like on the first event: no Overall ratings, it's all about how much you liked the stories.
  • Feb. 4th: Results are released!

Don't forget to share tips & progress reports with the community throughout the month. Have fun!


If you have a link to add, please share it in the comments.

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