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laaph • 3 years ago on Feedback Fortnight 2020 

Time to find those works in progress that you would like put before others eyes! Yes, it's time for the Feedback Fortnight. Dust off your project, make it as nice as you can, and submit it to the ferocious critics of Alakajam!

We are entering the preparation phase. During this phase you should submit the projects you want feedback on. If you are excited to play other games and give feedback, although that phase has not yet started, every one will be happy if you start doing so.

How does this work? Submit a game. It can be pretty much any game, whether a game jam done in 24 hours, or something you are working on commercially. It does not need to be complete. It can be as rough or as polished as it happens to be. Tell us about it. If you tell us what you specifically want feedback on, you might get more focused feedback.

Meanwhile, for the following two weeks, you should play all the other games submitted. Write up some commentary on what you see in the games, what works well and what doesn't. Play the games and tell everyone else how their games make you feel.

The following is copied from our previous post to clarify a few points!

What can I submit?

This is a very open event, where you can enter for instance:

  • A personal hobby project you have been working on this year
  • A game jam entry that didn't get enough feedback or that you expanded upon since
  • A work-in-progress commercial game project (as long as you keep your build free and publicly available)

Of course this can be either a solo project or a team-based one.

Event schedule

  • Preparation phase: on November 22, the event will open submissions. That's now! It's started! Let's see your games!
  • Feedback phase: on November 29, all entrants will be formally invited to start playing and reviewing each other's entries. In the meantime, submissions will remain open until the last few days for late entrants.
  • End: on December 17 the event will be officially closed. The games won't get any rankings or ratings, just feedback. No bragging about being first, but who cares, you will get good commentary! Comments will continue be open on individual games, in case you think of something to tell after the deadline.


  • To improve the quality of your feedback, give indications on what aspects of your game you are most looking for feedback on. This is especially true of bigger projects like commercial games.
  • If possible, make your game build available on multiple platforms or the web
  • Don't neglect commenting on other games: longer, more constructive comments get rewarded more "karma", and this karma score helps you get displayed higher in the game list.

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