Moraq-baby post jam

Post jam version of alakajam 15,

I fix few bugs and hopefully it is enjoyable and polish now. I learned a lot from previous jam from platformer basic movement to implement more levels by editors. It pretty great experience and I am really appreciate the reviews.
Thank you all for playing my games.

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 • 4 months ago • 

I think I hit a bug!

While hitting buttons all while everywhere, I transform from boss baby to baby baby and then boss baby is now in the floor.


Nice game! It'd be nice to see levels and perhaps trickier challenges. At some point it was clear I just need all the stackable things and the puzzles just unraveled themselves. I played with sound off so I missed the dynamic sound effects people are talking about on itch.

 • 3 months ago • 

This is really cute and sweet! I like how the story revealed more each level. I had an issue on the last level where one of the tables can only have a book placed on one side of it. I think if I had placed a book there I wouldn not have had enough left to finish the puzzle so maybe that's an intentional way to keep the level solvable. There's no visual indication that that spot can't have a book placed on it so it was surprising.

  • 3 months ago • 

Thank you everyone for playing my game. I should have think more creative but yeah there is intentional way. I will improve for my next project.

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