A story-based action rpg

About Inseynia
Inseynia is a top-down story based action RPG game that takes place in a planet named Bolgenra.

The bad guys (Inseynians) are corrupting the world while the good guys (Illunians) are fighting back. Illunia's strongest member (Torisker) has been jailed by the Inseynians for "accidentally commiting war crimes".

Main Story
You, the player, are leaving your home city because of the chaos it become, deciding to live with your parents far away from your city. Once you reach where they were supposed to be, you find out that they were corrupted by the Inseynians. You enter there and overhear some gaurds talking about Torisker and his plans to destroy Inseynia. You set Torisker free in the hopes that he would help your parents return back to normal…

I accidentaly leaked an indev version, and in this version you can't really play the game unless you edit your save file
to gain access please do the following: just go to .\scripts\data\save.json (after the game crashes when starting a new save) and edit "Location"'s value to "Dev Room", then you'll gain access :)

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I wanted to try your game, but right after I pass the intro and enter the name, this error comes up:

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hello ivand

the reason was because I accidentally leaked an unfinished version of the game (Indev 1.5 combat update), in order to play the game, please do the following:
just go to .\scripts\data\save.json and edit "Location"'s value to "Dev Room", then you'll gain access :)

I am sorry for not seeing your comment, I am not active in this website

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