Auto Dungeon Crawler

Mobile casual auto-battler/dungeon crawler

You are a witch figthing your way through a dangerous dungeon, there are many enemies ahead and all you can count on is your magic and your wits, and your trusty magical flask, capable of brewing any potion from any ingredients you happen to have at hand.

This game is still in a prototype stage, I am testing techniques, experimenting with level generation, abilities, etc, so it is very much unfinished and I admit it is a little confusing as of this moment since there are no numbers or anything saying what is going on.


You have a very limited set of actions you may take right now, you can level up (free to use, consider it as a debug/god mode right now), you can take potions once every 5 seconds, and you can pull up the bottom drawer to brew potions. To brew a potion you must click and hold the button "Craft Potion" for a little over half a second.
The enemies once defeated may unlock treasure chests, each contains a random ingredient, you can carry a maximun of 3 ingredients, once you reach this maximum, any new ones you collect are discarded.
When you brew a potion, the abilities related to each ingredient are now imbued in the potion, and every time you drink it, any properties that only affect "self" are applied immediatelly, and attack skills or special powers "contained" in the potion are stored for the next time you attack you use it, so there is a strategic component to when to take a potion.

You start the game with a potion that recovers 5 HP every time you take it.

Important notes, known problems:
UI is non existant as of this moment, I have a placeholder that does work in mobile apps (or in any vertical 16:9 ratio), but I havent had the time to build an alternative placeholder UI for horizontal orientation or PCs. For this reason the game was confgured to start at a strange resolution and in windowed mode.

There is a bug where some of the monsters may become immortal… I dont know what is happening here, it may be related to the targeting algorithm I implemented.

The enemies still dont move, there are no long range attacks added.

Everything related to status effects, HP, etc, is currently missing from the UI.

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 • 1 month ago • 

There's little game here, but it shows quite a bit of promise.
The look is great and pretty unique.
The camera is pretty jumpy at times which feels odd, and you'd need a lot more in terms of player interactivity. Loop Hero would be an apt comparison here. Something akin to the equipment / item management of that game could be a great fit and mesh well with the potion brewing.

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