Bunnies, Back Into Your Cage!

Post-Mortem: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/2011/08/23/bunnies-back-into-your-cage-post-mortem/

Because of public demand, the Kongregate version now got an update for the control scheme. In order to pickup/drop the blocks, you have to use the Shift key! This should make the game more user-friendly.
Also, it is possible to use WASD for movement now, zooming works with Q and E.

I uploaded the original LD version as SWF now, as the Kongregate version got an update. There was a bug (sometimes, when you clicked a button, there were two levels loaded) which I fixed, and I made the last level a tiny bit harder (deleted some blocks).

In this game, you have to allure bunnies into cages, by building a path with the arrowkeys and holding a carrot.
Sounds easy? It is! But beware of the goblins and trolls!

I had only less than 36 hours or so to make the game, and I learned a great portion of FlashPunk while doing it, so please be aware that there are some bugs. The biggest one is that the trolls somehow make invisible blocks … :-/

Other than that it is pretty playable, though I don't know if the last levels are beatable, or fun. ;-) [edit]I can confirm now that they are beatable.[/edit]

Controls: (for LD version)
Arrowkeys -> Movement (+ Picking Blocks)
R -> Restart Level
Q/W -> Zoom (because it's fun)
1/2 -> Switch Pick Mode (in Mode 2 you don't pick blocks anymore)

BTW, the game's gameplay was inspired by great classics like BoulderDash and Spherical.

cough And Minecraft. cough

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